New and improved recipes from Bebo.

Bebo margarines are now tastier, easier to spread, contain only natural colours and flavours and are free from hydrogenated fats.
These new recipes will be delivered in refreshed and contemporary packaging with clear product information.

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NEW: Bebo Omega Palm free

NEW: Bebo Light Palm free

Fat spread (60% fat),
rich in Omega 3.

Low fat spread (39% fat).
Bebo Margarine
Bebo Light

For extra energy within
a responsible diet.

Live healthily, choosing for good fats.
Bebo Omega Spread
Bebo Omega Light
Spread with reduced fat content (59%).
With Omega 3 fatty acids and
extra vitamins.
Low fat spread (35% and 39% fat).
With Omega 3 fatty acids and
extra vitamins.
Bebo Vital
Bebo Organic
Source of calcium and vitamin D.
Suitable for people over 50 years of age.
Organic low fat spread. 
Bebo Daily Gold
Bebo Butterich
Blended product with 25% butter.

The taste of butter with all the goodness
of vegetable margarine.

Bebo Margarine 250g
(also in 2 kg)   
Bebo Light 250g
(also in 500g)
Bebo Omega Spread 250g
Bebo Omega Light 250g
(also in 2 kg)
Bebo Vital 250g
NEW: Bebo Omega Palm free 500g
Bebo Daily Gold 1 kg
Bebo Daily Gold 2 kg 
Bebo Butterich 500g
Bebo Butterich 2 kg
Bebo Sunflower spread 2 kg
Bebo Sunflower light 2 kg
Bebo Soft Spread 2 kg
Bebo Margarine Soft 2 kg